Do you want to realise a 3D modeling of one of your projects ? Do you need a gear to repair one of your machines ? You want to have more skills in the 3D printing field ?


So discover our services for you whithout waiting.


Your time is precious and we do our best to make you increase your productivity.


our priority is to help  you to develop and make your activities sustainable and for that we want to give you our expertise in 3D printing to complete the list of your available resources.

3D Printing of your projects

Do you want to concretize a project  ? That is possible with the Nkad Printers method. We print your plan from real object, 3D modeling or sketchs .


Once you have 3D model of your part, you can give the launch to the print.


You will be at the heart of production and be able to monitor the process.


If you want to become autonomous regarding the maintenance of your metal 3d printer, learn to model your project or inform you about the range of opportunities available to you  so join our training.


You will acquire new useful skills for the development of your futur projects. You will learn to use and maintain your machine in only few hours.


You do not need very specific skills to use the metal 3D printer. You now have acces to this technology, learn to use it and take advantage of its assets.