The metal 3D Printer

The metal 3D Printer developed by NKAD Printers is user-friendly, safe and profitable. It allows you to design metal parts with different alloys. 3D Printers are often use in rapid prototyping because it is a cost saving solution allowing cycle time reduction in manufacturing process.


Based on a unique technology, you will be able to use the 3D Printer in limitless applications in your workshops, your factory or your training center.


The 3D revolution must be used not only by professionals but also in schools and universities to help new genetions to be more familiar with this new method of design.


Nkad Printers brings a new method allowing low temperature metal 3D Printing.


Our 3D printer will help you to save energy and materials. With his low energy consumption and high deposition rate, this innovation will bring answers to your challenges.